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8 less known Awesome Google Products and Services

Date added: January 12, 2014

We all people know how Google plays an important role in the internet world. Apart from search engine, Email, Google Maps and File Storage services Google offer many other products and services to their users.

Today in this article, I will introduce you 8 less known awesome Google products in the internet world.

Cookin’ With Google

Cookin’ With Google is a custom search option that helps you to find cooking recipes across the world. It is a customized page created on Google, which shows the search results from popular cooking and recipe websites.

Google Takeout


Takeout is a service offered for Google users to configure and create archive of their data present in the Google database. The created archive can be downloaded onto your computer.



Ingress is a multiplayer online game published by Google. It is a real time game for Android devices in which the gamer has to move physically around the world to collect objects.

Google Moderator

Moderator helps you to ask a question and create discussion on it. Anyone who visits the website can submit a question and any users can answer and vote it. The discussion can be shared via email or any other social network

Google Helpouts


Google Helpouts is an online service that connects people who need help. It collaborates the people over live video and can get help for free and for the price too.

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Google Scholar


Google scholar is a search engine that is used to find articles, books, history, literature and other study related documents. You can save the search results in the library. The slogan of Google scholar is “Standing on the shoulders of giants” which means one who discovers by building on previous discoveries

Google Keep

Google keep helps you to create notes online. You can upload images, organize the list and access them. These notes automatically are saved on the Google drive.

What do you love?


WDUL shows the content related to a specific interest from the Google networks. You can create alerts, watch videos, translate, buy, send email, organize debate etc. Can be done here.

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