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Best Websites to Listen Internet Radio and Music online

Date added: July 6, 2013

Best websites to listen internet radio and music online

There are many music lovers who always look out for new type of music online.These music lovers had different type of tastes. And they want to listen music according to their taste.And I found few websites where you can listen to songs and radio online for free.You can choose the songs according to category or the favorite artist you love.Not only listening you can also share the songs to your friends.

And here are the one of the most popular streaming services I found.


Free with ads and 3.99$ without ads.It is the best place to listen songs of your favorite artist.You can also download and install free app on your Smartphone which makes an easy access.


Over a million songs available for free.You had to download spotify setup.Once you download you are ready to listen music and share them to your friends.


Best place to listen and download music online.Choose the artist you love and listen or download the songs.


Here you can listen your favorite songs and you can share them on Facebook and twitter


It is a place with more than 16 million songs.It also contain online radio stations and you can also create playlist of your favorite songs.


Best place where you can find all online radio stations.You can play this music on your browser and also on your desktop too.


It is a custom online radio station which plays the songs you like.The unique feature of jango is that you can listen to others radio and they can listen yours too.


The free online music grouped into 8 songs put by you or another user


Best competitor for spotify.

other best online streaming services for you.






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