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Bitdefender Anti-Virus Free Edition (2015) Free Download

Publisher: bitdefender.com
License: Trail
Filesize: 6.7MB
Price: $0
Date added: August 23, 2014

Bitdefender AntiVirus Free Edition (2015) Free Download: Download the award winning Bitdefender
Optimum Free Antivirus software for windows to protect your data against malware, spyware and other virus.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (2015) Download For Any Windows Operating System

Now you don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on those pesky membership anti-virus programs. Bitdefender Free 2015 Edition  antivirus software is great for basic home users and gamers alike! Free Download

Here you’ll be able to access many programs such as this free bit defender download right at your fingertips. We don’t want you to be extorted by marketing gimmicks and expensive anti-virus programs for hundreds of your dollars.

Many of you may question why you would want to spend more money on an anti-virus program and the answer is simple, you shouldn’t. So why would we pick this free software over others?

Free Bitdefender Antivirus Edition vs Other Free Antivirus  Software

Since we have established that paying for an anti-virus program is silly and unnecessary; we can conclude that going with a free anti-virus alternative is a good choice.

So why choose Free Bitdefender 2015 Edition over any other free anti-virus program? The answer is simple, Bitdefender Free Edition 2014  has been ranked top in its class by “PC MAG“, it has been pre-optimized for windows 8.1 Operating System, and it also carries a wide variety of tools as well as optimized for gaming. Installing this antivirus software program on your windows 8.1 machine will be as easy as 1-2-3 as it has been pre-optimized for windows 8.1. You won’t even know it’s there when you’re smashing your friends in your favorite online game.

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In other words, with Bitdefender Free 2015 Edition, you are going to get top notch anti-virus protection as well as ease of use. This program will make you forget all about viral infection. You may love this program enough to pay for its added security features.
Bitdefender Anti-Virus Free Edition (2014) Free Download

Free Bitdefender 2015 Edition Software Pros vs. Cons

In all fairness,I wouldn’t necessarily call this cons should you pick up a free anti-virus program, you’ll find that Free Bitdefender Antivirus 2015 Edition  is perfectly capable of protecting you from the most viral infections. However, there can be many different “free anti-virus” programs In the market, that don’t actually protect you at all. Many viral, spyware, malware infections can be cloaked as anti-virus programs where you think that you are installing an anti-virus program that is indeed a virus in itself.

These programs are often going to force you to pay a fee to remove the “virus“. Due to this sad and unfortunate fact, some may find it significantly easier and safer to simply purchase an anti-virus program from a known vendor. There are also the obvious extra features such as in-depth firewall protection you can purchase as extras for the users looking for a little more protection.

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