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Build HTML5 Mobile Apps For Android, iPhone And iPad

Date added: October 2, 2013

HTML5 is a markup language of version 5 that is used to create web pages. It is the latest version of HTML which includes advanced features. HTML5 is the best platform for creating the Web apps and Web pages even offline. It has got great use in the future and will definitely change the experience of surfing Web pages. There are many apps build using HTML5 on Android and IPhone. In the upcoming days we can expect every web page is built with HTML5 because of its wonderful features.

How to build HTML5 Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad 1

Best Features of HTML5

Web Workers

This feature helps to load and process heavy web applications in a separate background thread and using this increases the performance of the web pages.

Video Tags in HTML5

Till today most of the videos on the web are using flash players or any other plugins. In HTML5 you can embed videos without using any third party plugins or codec.


HTML5 Geolocation API is used to know the exact Geographical location of a user. This feature works best with mobile devices.

Web Storage

Using Web Storage the user can store web page data locally on the user’s browser.

Today many of the major browsers support new HTML5 elements and API’s. The features are based on HTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript.

Reasons for using HTML5 apps

Many apps are released for Android and iOS that are made using HTML5.

1) Using HTML5 makes your website user friendly on mobiles.

The Meta tag attribute called Viewport make the difference. It adjusts the width and height of your website according to the mobile.

2) Creating videos that can be accessed everywhere

If your website is dealing with video contents then don’t miss a chance of using HTML5 video tag.

3) Create offline web applications using HTML5

HTML5 introduces us to Application cache, in which the Web Applications are cached and can be retrieved out without establishing an internet connection.

Almost all the browsers support application cache. Using HTML5 one can create web applications offline. The difference between web page and web application is that the latter has more interactive options like icons, buttons, and alerts just like a normal application. Now most of the Web Apps can be created on Windows 8 and iOS using HTML5.

Download the list of top HTML5 App maker Websites and Tutorial Websites

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