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Customize Folder Icons In Windows Using Folder Colorizer

Date added: September 8, 2013

Got bored or confused with the regular color of your folders? Do you find it difficult to navigate a particular folder from the bunch of similar looking folders?  Not anymore because now you can color your folders with your favorite colors with a simple tool called “Folder Colorizer”.

Folder Colorizer is a product of Softorino which has more than 1 Million Downloads. The Software is free to download and it does not require any license or Key to activate and It is very easy to install.

The size of the tool is about 1.43 MB and it doesn’t take much system space or RAM.

How To change Folder Color In Windows

  • First download Folder Colorizer Software and install it. 
  • After installing select the folder which you wish to add color.
  • Right click on it.
  • Click on Colorize option and Select the color.


Now refresh it to see your folder with a new color.

Download the Software here : Softorino

Similarly you can add different colors to different folders. If you do so your folders look something like this.


By adding color to your folders you can navigate easily which saves your time and make it look colorful in an organized way.

Hope you all like this post. Try it out and utilize this awesome tool and Enjoy its Usage.

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