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Difference between Tags And Categories In WordPress Posts And Pages

Date added: October 3, 2013

We all know that WordPress is the simple platform where you can create blogs and website easily. It is user friendly CMS which helps us in creating effective websites. WordPress offers us with many options which are used to organize our content properly. Categories and Tags in WordPress are one of the options that are used to sort the content of your website which helps user to find out things easily. Categories and Tags have similar function, but they are not same.

Wordpress Tags And Categories 2

What Are Categories And Tags In WordPress


  • Categories are used to group the posts of same type.
  • Every post must be placed in one or the other group i.e. posts of a similar kind is placed under one category.
  • It helps the users to search their desired topic easily without much difficulty.
  • They are hierarchical and can also have subcategories to make posts more organized.
  • You can make any numbers of categories and subcategories on your website

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  • Tag is a keyword. It may be described as a part of the category.
  • Tagging is the way of sub categorizing your content.
  • They are not Hierarchical.
  • Tags are optional.
  • In a single line tags helps us to describe the content in an understanding way.
  • For every topic in a category the tag may changes but category doesn’t change.

Difference Between Tags And Categories Example

Let us consider we categorize a post into sports, Sport can be anything like cricket, football or hockey. It helps the visitor to search the content related to sports.
To be more specific we can use cricket as a tagWhere visitors can directly search for it without going through the whole sport category. It simplifies the work and saves the time of the visitors.

For more information refer WordPress Tags VS Categories and get Genericons icon font in your WordPress theme.

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