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Google changed Its Homepage Design And Added A Grid Menu

Date added: September 20, 2013

Google changed its old black Sticky Menu bar to Grid menu. The new Grid menu which is added on the top right corner can be easily accessed through all pages very easily.

The modified menu is added beside the notification bar. When you click on it will show you the grid dropping horizontally that contains colorful icons that pointing to links like social, search, Gmail, images, news and more links to user profiles.

This new Grid apps menu looks like the chrome OS app launcher, besides recalling some apps from Android and app Grid. The new app grid currently shows all the icons of Google services.

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The updated Grid menu of Google is trying to design its properties across platforms like chrome OS, Android and other online services where we can access through all Google products. While it does not require much clicks to reach number of services.

As we all know the pattern of Google logo is slightly redesigned with its letter shapes and color palette. This update may happen across most Google products that we are going to experience in the next few weeks.

The new Google Grid Menu shown below.


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