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Google Glass The Next Stride In Technology | Price And Features

Date added: August 20, 2013

Moving to the next huge stride in the communicating devices, Project Glass has been yet to pick up pace. Google Glass is not just a device, It is a whole new revolution in the field of communication. The world had talked about it back in 2012, and even the technical world was amazed with the rumor that the heap search engine was going to comport on the amplified reality glasses.

As days went by, people knew that not only the device was real but also Google’s dream of wearable technology would hit the market any day. Let’s take look at

What Actually Is A Google Glass?

Google Glass the next stride in Technology  Price and Features

It is always frustrating to sit in front of a desktop computer, mobiles, or laptops for long hours to do our work, but with this device which is wearable like any other normal glasses, and place all the data right in front of the eye .Primarily, It contains a camera, display, TouchPad, battery and microphone placed in a spectacle frame so as you can wear it like any other normal spectacles and also does all things that a computer or mobiles do.

How Can We Use Google Glass?

  • You can take pictures, stream videos.
  • Text and hang out with your mates, call them at all times.
  •  Get directions, search for data on Google and many more just by speaking to the glass.

Google glass uses the display technology, which is to project the data onto a prism screen courted in front of the field of vision, without being an intrusion in the middle. As per sources the display is same as “A 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away”. Google has given its glass project a huge leap by snapping up voice specialists DNN research.

Its Specifications

  • The built-in camera is of 5 MP that can film at 720p.
  • Battery backup is over a day.
  • Consists 16GB of built-in memory in the device, where only 12GB will be available for the user’s purpose.
  •  It will sync to the Google drive through the cloud.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in, but no GPS – so the Glass will have to be paired with your cell phone through Bluetooth enable.

Ultimately the cost of the Google glass explorer is around $1,500, nowhere in reach of a common man, still worth the experience of this revolution arising technology.

Although it has many advantages, it has few problematic issues like security, privacy, price, its sensitive glass material etc.

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