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How to Create a Confession page on Facebook using Google Drive

How to Create a Confession page on Facebook using Google Drive Publisher:
Date added: August 3, 2013

In the recent days confession pages on Facebook have become a new trend. You can post anything anonymously on these pages i.e. without knowing who actually posted it. This brought a craze for such pages and people started expressing themselves which they cannot share in person. These confession pages are different from normal pages on Facebook but can be created easily. Anyone can create confession pages by following few simple steps.

To create a confession page you need first you need a Facebook page and an account in Google Drive (Gmail).

Creating a Facebook page

To create a Facebook page you can use your Facebook account or directly use this link


After clicking the create page button you had to select the type of page you are going to create. As we are creating a confession page click on “cause and community”.


Enter the name of your page, Accept Terms and Conditions and Get started.

Creating a Confession Form to Link Facebook page

  • Go to ‘http://docs.google.com’.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Click on “Create” and select “Form” option.


  • Select your desired Title, Theme and click “OK”.
  • Fill the form i.e. enter form name, description, question title etc.
  • Now change “Question type” to ‘Paragraph’ so that one can confess long stories and click on “Done”.


You can also use other Form Applications like Form+, JotForm.

Before completing the form you had to set your response destination .Click on “Choose response destination“ which is at the top of the page.


Then enter name for the spreadsheet and click on “Create. This creates a new file in your Google docs. Whenever somebody fills the form you will receive a message .

Adding form link to the Facebook page

  • Click on “View live form”.


  • Now the form appears in a new tab. Copy the URL of the form and paste it in the About section of your Facebook page.

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