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3 Best Program Uninstaller Softwares for Windows

Date added: September 14, 2013

Usually we install many softwares on our computers. These softwares make your computer slow down or you may encounter startup problems. When you uninstall these softwares they leave some traces of data on your computer. To uninstall these softwares completely we need some uninstalling tools. These tools completely remove the files, folders and registry entries that left behind after uninstalling software.

Here are the 3 best uninstalling softwares for Windows

1. Revo Uninstaller Pro

Revo is the best Uninstaller software in the market today. It is a powerful tool that helps you to uninstall stubborn programs completely without any traces and makes your computer optimize. Revo comes with advanced and super fast algorithms that analyze the application well. The best part of the software is “Hunter mode”. This allows users to drag a bull’s eye icon on any file that they want to uninstall with a simple click.

3 Best Program Uninstaller Softwares for Windows 2

2. Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller is free uninstalling software available in the market. The software is available in 36 different languages. The software displays the list of the installed softwares based on the usage on the computer. Wise Program Uninstaller removes the software along with the left over Files and Folders and Registry entities. The best part of the software is that if you have any broken programs which cannot be uninstalled just choose Force uninstall option. It is quite Simple, Small, Portable and compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.

3 Best Program Uninstaller Softwares for Windows

3. IObit Uninstaller

IObit is a small and user friendly uninstalling software it allows you to bulk uninstall with one click. IObit displays softwares according to the category based on usage, size, rarely used and amount of disk space occupied etc. The software is available for free and it supports all Windows Operating Systems. By using IObit you will never be bothered by the annoying toolbars anymore. The software is portable and doesn’t require any installation.

3 Best Program Uninstaller Softwares for Windows 1

Hope you liked these 3 best Uninstaller Softwares for Windows. Don’t forget to try your favorite Uninstaller Software and share your views through comments.

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