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Best Clock Widget App 2014 (Digital, Analog) for Android Phone And Tablet

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Date added: March 4, 2014

“Time is money” is a popular phrase used all over the world. People in all types of profession need to be time conscious in order to stay in business. In the previous decades, wrist and wall clocks served the purpose of well. However, in this new age of smart phones, Tablets, android apps have gained prominence. There are thousands of apps for android consumers. But the best clock widget android app are mention below.

Best Clock Widget Android App 2014 (Digital, Analog)

Best Clock Widget App 2014 (Digital, Analog) for Android Phone and Tablet

Digital Clock Widget

This digital clock widget app is free to download and has an interface similar to that of a default iphone idle home screen. However it is easy to customize nature makes it edge out the iphone. Its main features include real-time change effects, RGB date color picker, customizable background, widget click actions such as tapping to set alarms, and multilingual support among many others. The app is compatible with android 1.5 through to 3.1. You can download this clock widget app from Google play store

LED Flashlight & Clock

This app combines two functionalities namely, a powerful LED flashlight and a clock. The flashlight feature works best in android smart mobile phone whose hardware include cameras and LED screens. The main features of the app include camera torch, screen torch, adjustable brightness level feature and most importantly a digital clock. This app comes in handy for people who work in dark places. The Android apk file can be downloaded from the official website.

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper 7

Live Wallpaper mimics a typical analog clocks interface. It has many features similar to those of the digital clock widget discussed above. Some of the customization options include setting the type/style of arrow to display. This Analog widget app is suitable for use with tablets in large hall environments, such as a lecture hall

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3D Digital Clock

This app introduces a three dimension approach to its interface. Features include 12/24 hour clock system, wide color choice variety, battery icon and weather forecast layouts, Alarm and calender. Download this cool clock widget app 2014 at the Google play store.

Sense Flip Clock & Weather

This app is partly similar in functionality to 3D digital/weather clock. The interface however is unique and also Displays the World Clock. Its main features include flip animation, a dozen UI skins, portrait vs landscape mode, and finally a weather condition and time at the current location feature

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