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Best screen lock Android Apps (Mobile Phone, Tablet)

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At present, there are different types of screen lock Android apps available in online stores. Which are the best screen lock apps available online? This is a common question heard from many tech lovers. Selecting the best screen lock Android app can certainly make your Android phone look stunning. Installing the best Android mobile phone can provide you amazing functionality to control alerts and enhance the security of device. Following are the best screen lock apps 2014. Today, needy people can easily download screen lock apps online.

Best screen lock Android Apps

Best Lock screen Apps for Android

App Lock 

App Lock is one of the best downloaded Android apps downloaded by millions of people all over the world. This particular app is found to be very useful to protect a software using password. For example, apps like Facebook, Gallery, Skype and Snapchat can be easily protected from hackers by the means of a relevant password. Some of the exciting features in App Lock include set lock time to activate at particular time, lock 3G data and remote lock with SMS keyword.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

This exotic app is the first iOS 7 Lockscreen with Parallax 3D effect. Enhanced security is one among the exotic features of this iOS7 app. Apart from enhanced security, improved view is another highlighting feature of new iOS 7 Lockscreen app. iPhone users in search of the best lockscreen app which consumes less memory and battery can make use of this app.

Lock Screen 

Lock Screen is found to be very effective to screen lock from anywhere. This app allows user to assign auto-lock in the lock screen. Users who need to uninstall Lock Screen are advised to deactivate the account before using it.

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Smart Lock Free

This app is an ideal choice for all who wish to get privacy in using their mobile phones. Today, this exotic app is available with features like locking auto screen rotate and staying awake. Today, this app can be easily accessed in English, Korean and Japanese language.

Lock Pattern Generator

Random pattern generation is one of the main features of this particular app. Today, it can be easily availed with maximum and minimum variable path length. Apart from the above features, this exotic app also provide shortcut settings to Android security.

Pattern screen lock Android

This app is an ideal software which is used concurrently due to its efficient looking and is an interactive software. This is an swipe locking app based on the touching pad and it has an aditional feaure that if any one unauthorized person tries to attempt to unock the pattern its snaps the photo and sends the mail to the gmail account fo your registered account.


Hope this article helps you to choose Best screen lock android apps.

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