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Top Best Twitter App For Android Free Download (Mobile Phone, Tablet)

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Date added: March 8, 2014

There are many options to choose from concerning using Twitter app for Android. When it comes to deciding on an app, the sheer amount of options can prove to be a daunting task because there are just so many apps readily available. However, you need to download Twitter apps that are going to be more convenient for you to use.

Best Twitter App For Android Mobile Phone, Tablet

Best Twitter App for Android Mobile Phone Tablet

Plume For Twitter Android App

The plume has both and free options. In its free version, you are provided with an excellent set of features. All the features are underlined by advertisements. This is among the most powerful Twitter apps. The plume has Facebook and live streaming support. It also has strong widget selection and decent theming options.

TweetCaster For Twitter Android App

This is among the most popular Twitter Widget apps since it’s quite feature packed. Facebook support, themes, light photo editing is among its many features. Others are its capability to mute people, without unfollowing them and real-time feed streaming among others. It also has both paid and free versions, thus you may use it before purchasing it.

 Tweedle For Twitter Android App

Tweedle is also considered one of the best Twitter apps since it possesses refined, modern design by default. When you require a Twitter app which looks the part, and will not need changing in the minimum half-a-dozen varied customization options, then Tweedle is the app for you. It has a simple design and tabs for your timeline. It also cites and directs messages located at the screen’s top. Individual tweets are visibly legible.

Through tapping one of the headers, you are able to speedily shoot the top of your Inbox or timeline. It also has extensive options for notification handling.

Echofon for Twitter Android App

Echofon is simple to operate. This is a very fast Twitter app which elegantly synchronizes across all your devices. It’s wrapped in a neat and clean interface and features attractive desktop  Twitter widget as well as instant notifications. It additionally has dark and light color themes. Among its main features also include mute users, background notification alert, offering photo previews in your Twitter timeline among others.

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Followers+ app for Twitter Android App

This app is going to help you guard your Twitter account, and get numerous insights. It’s accurate, fast and very intuitive. It’s almost immediately when you need to track your Twitter followers. It not only detects your unfollowers but is also going to make them think twice prior to unfollowing you.

Other salient features include

Login through Twitter account, getting back a list of unfollowers and followers, detecting non-followers, and mutual friends as well as your fans, showing user profiles and supporting many accounts.

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