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Enable Undo Send Feature Gmail Settings

Date added: July 25, 2013

We all depend on e-mail as the primary source of communication. We may sometimes make mistakes while mailing. Though they are small, they can be disastrous in few cases like sending resumes, business letters etc.  But you can undo your sent mail. Yes, many of us don’t know this feature present in Gmail. It is less known feature and a very effective one. This feature is not visible by default. It has to be enabled manually.

Step 1

  • Move your cursor to the right upper corner.
  • Click on the Gear icon.
  • Select ‘Settings’

enable undo send feature gmail settings

Step 2

  • Under ‘Settings’ Select ‘Labs’ as shown below.

enable undo send feature gmail settings 2

Step 3

  • Scroll down to find ‘Undo send’.
  • Enable it by clicking on the radio button “Enable”.


Step 4

  • You can customize the time delay. The default time is set to 10 Sec but you can also change it to 20 or 30 Sec.
  • For this go to “settings”–>General–>Undo send.
  • Using drop down box you can change ‘Send cancellation period’.


Now let us see how this feature works.

  • Compose a mail and press send button.
  • Now you can see a message at the top of the screen saying.
  • If you want to undo the sent e-mail click on here.


So this is how you can undo a sent e-mail in Gmail.

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