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Find Or Track Lost Android Mobile Phone (Stolen)

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Losing your mobile is like one of the worst things that can happen. Now a days mobiles are becoming much more than just texting and calling. People prefer Android mobiles which can be used as a camera, album, alarm, personal diary, internet connected device and many more filled with our very personal details. Losing such an important device really makes us upset. However, there is no need to worry much because we have many Android apps in the market today that helps us in retrieving our lost mobiles.

Today in this article, I am going to explain about three best anti-theft android apps that helps you to track lost mobile phone. First, let us know how these apps help us.

  • Track Mobile Phone location
  • Take photos of theft area
  • Gives a loud alarm even in silent or vibrate mode
  • Provides remote control

There is no guarantee that mobiles can be traced, but there will be a better chance to get it back or at least you can delete your personal info from your mobile.

Find lost Android Mobile Phone

Apps To Find Or Track Lost Mobile Phone

Where’s My Droid

If you lost your mobile or somebody stolen it and cannot find it, you can text a custom attention code so that you can hear your phone ringing though it is in silent or vibrate mode and collect it.

If it is around you and cannot not hear it, you can get GPS location and can be linked to Google maps. For this your mobile should have GPS enabled.

Where is my droid android app to find lost mobile

Other features

  • Remote lock, SD card and device wipe
  • Camera control
  • Notification when SIM card changed
  • Landline activation

Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is one of the commonly used apps to trace lost android mobile phone. With the single account, we can protect up to three mobiles. The app has to be installed in the phone before the theft.

Prey anti theft android app to find lost mobile


Features of Prey Anti-Theft

  • Provides phone location through GPS and WiFi
  • Loud alarm
  • Device lock
  • Take pictures using a camera

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Plan B by Lookout Labs 

It is the first ‘Find my phone app’ developed by Lookout Labs. This app has a good feature enough that helps you in tracing your lost mobiles. It keeps updating the location of your mobile through email for every 10 minutes.

lookout android app to find lost mobile


You can remotely install app even after losing your mobile.

It can automatically enable GPS in some mobiles


You cannot remotely wipe your SD card or device.

Cerberus Anti-Theft

Cerberus is a complete android anti theft application which helps to recover the lost or stolen android mobile phone.

The app is one week Trial Version and can be activated for lifetime with small price of 2.99€

Using this app the mobile can be controlled through text SMS from remote. It automatically alerts the User when the SIM card is changed.

Cerberus android app to find lost mobile

Other Features

  • Locate and Track Mobile Phone
  • Wipe Internal Memory and SD card from Remote.
  • Record Audio from MicroPhone

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