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Block Ads On Android Phone Without Root Applications

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Date added: July 17, 2013

Ads are everywhere. When you open a website there will be Ads popup. While in computer browsers we use add-ons to block Ads. But now the usage of Smartphone’s are increased so the Ads on the mobile also increased.

In an android phone it is so frustrating when an ad suddenly pops up while you are surfing, gaming or chatting.

Many of us really don’t know to block these Ads on android. We can actually block those ads and continue our work without any disturbance. It can be done easily with a simple app. Though there are many apps for blocking ads. To use this apps which are present in the market the phone has to be root. There is an app that doesn’t required root,

The name of the app is Adblock plus (ABP)

Now Way To Block Ads On Android Phone


Step 1

installing ABP on your android

Go to Google store search for Adblock plus

Click “install” and then “accept and download”.

You can also download it on your PC and transfer it to your mobile phone.

First download ABP Through any web browser.

After download is done connect your phone to the system and transfer the app to your phone

Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Security’ .There verify whether the ‘Unknown source’ box is checked.

If not checked do it now.

Now open the app and click “Install

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Step 2

You can also add filter list using “Filter subscription”. A menu will be opened where in you can change filters but multiple filter lists are not allowed.

Step 3

Now click “OK” for your preferred lists.

That’s all you can block all those ads that disturbs you.

If you know any other apps or any questions let us know through comments.

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