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Way To Stop Facebook Spam Posts

Date added: July 4, 2013

Stop Facebook Spam Posts

I have seen Facebook spam posts are spreading very fast. So I taught to write an article which may be useful to you.

Facebook is a global service connecting millions of people together.There may be some abuse behavior, spam posts which is annoying to others.So you had to follow certain rules to stop this spam posts and to keep your account safe.

Now a days there are many people facing this Facebook spam problems. If the spam had already occurred you have to follow the below steps

First you had to think how the spam actually occurred.
So in most of the cases the problem occurs only because of these reasons.

Allowing unknown applications

how to stop facebook spam posts 2

This applications is not a virus If you allow this unknown applications in the Facebook the account automatically posts spam links, spam posts on your home page or on your friend’s wall or in the groups.

Opening unknown links which is present in the comments.

how to stop facebook spam posts

Sometimes the spammers hide malicious links behind URL short links. When you open this unknown links in the comments there may be virus or malware in the website. So be careful before opening the links.

Allowing unknown add-ons on your browser.

These add-ons may be malicious which can manipulate your Facebook account.

Best Practices 

Just uninstall the unknown applications which you allowed.

Remove the posts which are automatically posted by the spam bots.

Remove unknown browser extensions.

Change the account password immediately which solves the problem.

Extra tip

Just deactivate your Facebook account for few days so that if there are any spam posts that you forget to remove they are going to get disappear.

Way To Stop This Facebook Spam Posts

                    • Beware of short links which are posted under comments.
    • Confirm that the application is good before installing.
    • Pay attention to the applications that posts on your wall.
    • Change your privacy settings.

I had the experience of this spam posts which make me to write this article. If you have any other experience or tips or any suggestion let us know through comments.  

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