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Microsoft Office 2010

Publisher: www.microsoft.com
License: Trial version
Filesize: 638MB
Price: 0$
Date added: May 14, 2014

Download Microsoft Office 2010 is a version of the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite for Microsoft Windows.It is successor to Microsoft Office 2007 and predecessor to Microsoft Office 2013.

Microsoft Office 2010 marks the debut of Office Web Applications, free online versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which can all work in web browsers.Office 2010 is more “role based” than its previous versions. Various features of Office 2010 are, Ribbon interface and Background Removal Tool, new text and image editing effects, new animations in PowerPoint 2010. While features like Document Imaging and Scanning, Office Start up Assistance and Diagnostic tool were removed from the entire suite.

How To Download Microsoft Office 2010 Free Of Cost Form Microsoft.com With Live Email Account:

The Microsoft Office 2010 can be downloaded for free from www.microsoft.com/office for a 30 day trial. This will require you to sign in with your Windows Live ID .For this download, you need to ensure 3 GB free space on your hard disk. The size of installer is around 700 MB. You can either select customize option during installation and then set your current version of Microsoft Office to coexist with Office 2010 Beta or upgrade your current version of Office to Office 2010 Beta
All products will require online activation. Alternatively you can enter the serial number inside Word 2010 and this will automatically activate all other Office programs.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 vs Microsoft Office 2013, 2007 And Office 360:

Office 2010 vs Office 2007: User can customize the ribbon.*New Navigation Pane including new find mechanism,document map is there.*Added “new” WordArt with spellchecking feature.
Office 2010 vs Office 2013: Office 2013 is tablet friendly.*Documents saved to SkyDrive by default. When signed in to SkyDrive, system remembers where you were in the document last time.*When online, one can add pictures from websites like Facebook and Flickr without having to save them to PC.
Office 2010 vs Office 360: Because Office 365 is provided as a subscription service, users automatically receive the latest updates.*With 365,if you are using a SkyDrive and Microsoft Account, syncing and accessing of files is really easy.

Microsoft Office 2010 Advanced Features:

Office 2010 now has a whole set of applications based on the internet: Online versions of Excel, Word, OneNote and Powerpoint which work with SharePoint or through Windows Live. Office 2010 adds a protected mode which prevents accidentally editing a downloaded file until one enables it, thus adding to security in a way. This version of Office gives image editing a boost and we can now do in-video editing with PowerPoint . it also includes video cutting and screen captures. All Office 2010 applications support 64-bit Windows. Microsoft has upped the number of built-in themes from 20 in Office 2007 to 40 in Office 2010 giving it a more consistent look.

Microsoft Office 2010 Types Of Licenses And Activation Guidelines:

Office 2010 suites vary by Licensing programs used, which are selected according to the size of business and type of organization. Various types of licenses are Open Value, Open License, Select Plus, Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise subscription Agreement.
For continual use of all features of Office 2010, you must activate the product. It verifies that software product is permitted by software license. When you first start your Office program after installation, you are prompted to enter Product Key, if you’ve not already done so during Setup. On entering a valid Key, the Activation Wizard runs automatically and gives choice to activate over internet or phone.

Microsoft Office 2010

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