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Take The Screen Shorts Effectively With Latest MWSnap Software

Publisher: Mirek Wojtowicz
License: Free
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Date added: February 19, 2015

MWSnap is a small and portable tool designed to generate great snapshots of the screen. With this program you can choose to take still images of the entire screen, or simply define and select only a specific area of interest. MWSnap is fully optimized screen capture download to capture images, save and instantly share them, it is suitable for all sorts of situations such as creating photos for a presentation, or snapping great moment on a video or web.

Best MWSnap Free Download For Windows 7, 8.1, Mac And Linux 


MWSnap Key Features: 

  1. The program’s has compact user-friendly design that is easy to use.
  2. The program allows the use hot keys, these are wide combination of keys that are easy to master and facilitate quick commands, they act as shortcuts, a good example is Shift + Control + D for taking snapshots.
  3. MWSnap download is also lets you to save, copy and paste the captured images in various formats including TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF. In addition you can apply modifications such as flipping and rotation in addition you can also format the images by applying icons such as demonstrative arrows, crosses, beam and frames.
  4. The program also features convenient tools, my favourite being the colour picker, which lets you capture specific colour on your screen, additional tools to perform precise selection include resizeable rulers, a window 7, windows 8.1, mac information tool and a magnifying tool.
  5. Other useful features include automatic save and automatic printing.

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MWSnap vs Malwarebytes

Just like MWSnap, Malwarebytes is a small but very powerful utility program that detects and gets rid of rootkits and their related malware programs with malicious characteristics. If you have download software free installed MWSnap your machine, and is experiencing some errors with the mswsnap.exe, an executable file, its recommended you install Malwarebyte, the two programs do not conflict whatsoever, in fact it will disinfect the file in case it was attacked by a virus, or simply scan to fix the windows errors and registry to avoid complication.

MWSnap Download And Complete Installation Guide

MWSnap is compact, completely free download and is available for mac, Linux and windows systems. It is also presented in a variety of languages and is very easy to understand, you won’t even have to perform an installation, simply download the zip file, extract it to your preferred location and run MWSnap.exe.


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