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Report (Remove) Stolen Duplicate Content To Google

Date added: December 23, 2013

Every time when Google updates its search algorithm most of the websites are being affected. The reason may be unnatural links, low quality content or duplicate content.

Since Panda algorithm update more than 30% of the websites got effected. The algorithm mainly concentrated on low quality, Spam and Spun content.

When somebody stolen your content and used them on their website, it creates plagiarism. Every blog or websites have to follow some rules and take necessary measures to overcome the Copy content (Stolen Content) problem.

Way To Check If your Content Is stolen

Open Google search, take a single line of 20 words, from the middle of your article you wanted to search and place it between the quotation marks as shown below. From the search results, you can find the websites stolen your content.

Report a website for stealing content on google

Other way to check stolen content is by using Plagiarism tools available in the market. One of the best and popular tools to check duplicate content is Copyscape.

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Way To Report A Website For Stolen Content To Google

Here in the report you will request Google to De-index the Stolen content from the search results. Its Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policy to takes an immediate and quick action on the reported website.

The request you are going to submit is processed between 2-10 days and a report is sent to your Email. You can also check the status on the dashboard whether the URL was Approved or Rejected. Before submitting the request just verify whether Google already identified and took action on that website or not.

If the Content removal request you are going to submit is related to any of the Google product or services click the below link.

Google Products Content Removal

YouTube Video removal, BlogSpot Content Removal, Copyrighted images, Sharing Illegal Content through Google drive and other products related to Google can be reported here.

If the content removal request is related to WordPress Blog or any other platform, the request has to be submitted through Google Webmaster tools.

Content Removal Through Google Webmaster Tools

Using the following link, you can create a notice of removal request and track it through the dashboard. You have to fill the details with necessary contact information, the source URL and the location of infringing URL.

Here you can see the three boxes as shown in the figure.

  1. In the first box, you have to enter the copied content and describe it.
  2. In the second box, enter the URL of Authorized Page (Your Website URL).
  3. In the third box, enter the URL that you are asked to remove. (Stolen Website URL).

Google DMCA Policy Remove Content

Finally Check the Sworn Statements and press Submit button.

Tips To Stop Sites From Stealing Your Content

If you are using the WordPress CMS there is a plugin called WP CopyProtect that disables right click and text selection on your website.

If you are using another CMS, just insert the below JavaScript code in your footer or header part of your website.

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