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Top Best 5 SMS Apps For Your Android Device

Date added: July 19, 2014

There are many reasons why you should download SMS apps for your Android device. They allow you to manipulate your text messages, choose between the different templates, pick your favorite background design and many other things that are not predefined in your device. In this text, we recommend you five best sms apps of this type.

Best SMS App For Android Download

Top Best 5 SMS Apps For Your Android Device


This application will transform the writing of your messages into the funny and original process. Over 200 personalized themes, options to protect your messages and block unwanted spam, free SMS for android as well as automatically scheduled messages are only a few possibilities that this application will provide you. If you like it, then you should check the pro version for even more possibilities.

Handcent SMS

This is definitely one of the greatest applications of this type. It supports over 20 languages ​​and has an integrated spell checking tool. It is completely customizable and has the possibility of creating a black list to avoid receiving unwanted messages. The big advantage is the contact locator that helps you locate your friends using GPS. Check why it is one of the best SMS Apps 2014.

Chomp SMS

Adaptability is one of the greatest qualities of this SMS application. In addition to the standard options you have the possibility of adjusting the LED color, vibrating patterns and font types.

SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting

This is a remarkable application that can be easily adjusted and offers excellent options. Finally, you are able to send and receive your SMS messages on a computer or tablet – and all this by using your mobile phone number. It is easy to sync and completely free.

10000+ SMS Messages Collection

This application comes with over 10,000 interesting message templates. They can be shared very easily by applications such as Facebook and Twitter and are organized into categories which makes them easier to view.

This was the short list of best sms app for android market. If you know any other useful SMS applications feel free to post them in the comments. We hope that you will free download sms Apps that best suits your needs.

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