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Take a Screenshot on Android Mobile Phone without Root (Screen Capture)

Date added: October 5, 2013

A screenshot is an image or a snapshot of your screen. It is very useful when you need something to explain with images.

Coming to Android mobile phones, there is no common method of taking screenshots for all mobiles. We have different ways of doing it for different mobiles depending upon their design and availability of buttons.

If you are feeling Difficulty in remembering the buttons and to avoid confusion there are many apps available in the play store.

Screenshots using Play Store Apps

Screenshot Ultimate

This App works on all Android mobiles without rooting. It provides 14 different methods to take screen capture. There are many options where you can edit, crop, customize or rotate, share, add text to a screenshot.


To download this app from Google store Click here 

Screenshot App

It is the best App to take Screenshot and works with Unrooted mobiles. Using this App you can capture, crop, edit and can also be saved as a PNG or JPG file. The other features of this app are you can draw, enable shake to screenshot, a delay screenshot timer etc.


To download this app from Google store Click here

Taking Screenshots Without using Apps

Samsung mobiles Phones

There are 2 ways to take screenshot on Samsung mobile phones

1) By using Home button:

Press the Home Button and Power Button simultaneously and release. Make sure that you see a flash light with a camera shutter sound.

2) By using Volume button:

Press Volume down button and Power button simultaneously until screen flashes

HTC Mobiles

Instead of pressing both home and power buttons simultaneously, first hold the power button and then immediately press the home button.

Nokia ( Windows ) Mobiles

Press Start button and Power button at the same time. You can find the start button at bottom which is touch sensitive.

Sony Xperia and LG Mobiles

Press Volume down and the power button is simultaneously pressed until the screen flashes.

Hope this post helped you in taking Screenshots. If you have any questions regarding the above post let us know through comments.

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