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For people who want to work from home and earn money, Blogspot is the best way wherein you can get money through google advertisings. Not only money you will find a platform where you can express your views, your creation and become famous as an expert in this field.

Step By Step Process Of Earn Money From Blogspot:

For earning money from BlogSpot first you have to create an account in Gmail.

Then after login to www.blogger.com.

After login you have to select the blog domain name.

The domain or title which you are going to select should be simple and has to be remembered easily by the user.

Note: The title should not include any hyphens (-)

Then after you have to select the template from blogger or you can upload the theme manually.

To upload the template manually click here

After uploading the template the content has to be published on the blog.

You have to do necessary SEO for your blog to get more visitors.

Make your blog attractive in such a way that the user has to visit your blog every day.

Check the web analytics and Alexa rank for your blog.

If your blog has a low rank choose the correct content, do more SEO.

After getting good rank you can apply for Google Adsense.

Before Applying To Google Adsense Follow These Rules:

1. The blog should be 3 months older

2. The blog should have atleast 300 visitors daily.

3. There should be no duplicate content in your blog.

4. Check for the broken links on your blog

Hope you get benefited with this post. By following the  above mentioned tips you can create your own blog and earn from it. Share it with your friends to help them too.

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