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Top Best Android Camera Apps Free Download for Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet 2014

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Date added: February 18, 2014

There were many Android Apps that were launched in the past year but with the ending of the year and starting of another year the Android OS has continued to get further upgrades which have led the app makers to continually make improved to provide Best Android Apps in the New Year. Android Camera apps have been in the leading list of the android apps produced in the year 2014. If you want to make your own Camera App for your smart phone or Tablet Free source code and Tutorials are available in the open source market.

Top Best Android Camera Apps Free Download

Best Android Camera Apps Free Download

Camera zoom fix – Camera App

Camera Zoom Fix is the top downloaded app, it automatically detected on your device. If zoom is not working fix it by clicking menu then settings then zoom and select zoom type one to four to know which works. The front camera option can only be used by android devices with both front and rear camera lenses. The app required android 2.3 or above, and compatible with Samsung Galaxy, Nexus and HTC. Select the appropriate auto-focus mode to ensure your photos are not blurry.

Snapseed Camera App

Snapseed makes a wide range of photo filtering plug-in products. It specializes in the high dynamic range commonly called the HDR filters that makes the app take high quality clear photos. Snapseed is the Fast Camera App for taking Pictures, Best for photographers and to take Action Shots.

Snapseed has very advanced features which makes it have high quality features such as photo frames textures grunge and lighting effects and photos editing. The Snapseed Camera App is also available in apk file format which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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VSCO Cam Camera App

VSCO Cam has developed a pretty serious mobile photography. The app has a camera editor and best for Night Shots Photography and Concerts. It has the photo cropping option and zoom function to the watching photo function.

Camera FV-5 – Camera App

Camera FV-5 has all the photographic parameters which are adjustable at hand these features are such as light metering, focus mode, white balance, fastest Response and others. The App has DSLR-like view finder display. It has a built in intervalometer, self timer for delayed shooting, an Auto focus, macro, touch to focus and infinity focus modes.

Hope this Article helps you to know the Top and Best Camera Apps for 2014.

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