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Top Best Health And Fitness Apps For Android (Mobile phone, Tablet)

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With the crazy daily routine that you have, you will always feel that you need to workout. Sticking to work out program sometimes gets challenging, many people are using fitness Apps to help them stay on their Health and fitness training and achieve successful results. There are many fitness Apps 2014 available for you to download on your android device and synchronize with your fitness tracking.

Best Health And Fitness Apps For Android Phone, Tablet

                                                            Best Health and Fitness

Runtastic Running & Fitness App

If your fitness routine includes walking, jogging, running, Muscle Workout or biking then you definitely take your fitness to another level with this fitness App. With Runtastic Running & Fitness App you can track all your Cardio workout progress, including distance, time, calories, speed and so much more.

Abs Workout

If you the type that really love having cool abs, if you really fancy having 6 packs then Abs workout is the best fitness mobile App for you. You get a free daily Abs workout containing 6 exercises and be sure of a perfect 6 pack in just about 6 weeks. You don’t need to go to the gym, you can actually just do them at home, and with a text to speech engine aiding the workout.

Nike+ Running

Do you love getting motivated during your workouts? You will love the Nike+ Running App, you can add your workout with friends and get to see how you stack up against them. You’ll be able to keep tabs on the ones logging most runs or miles to get weight loss, and then you get psyched about beating their record. You can set up power songs that will get you pumped up for the workout. This can prove to be the best fitness App for you. Fitness on your fingertips, Download fitness Apps and get started immediately.

Workout Trainer

Do you need to get in shape? It is one of the best weight loss app, to get in the best shape of your life. With Workout trainer you will get very many free or premium workout programs. If you want to get in the best of shapes without using training or exercise equipment, then this is the App for you. It has quite a variety of options including logic workouts. Download fitness Apps that will help you get your body in shape.

Daily Workouts FREE

Can be like your own personal exercise app. Features include 5 – 10 mins targeted workouts, 30 mins full body workouts, 50 exercises, video guide on how doing each exercise, on-screen timer and instructions, and so many more. Daily Workouts FREE combines all the workout routines for you. Download fitness Apps and get your body in check.

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